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Leading the trip is Mr. Randy Gehman, a seasoned teacher and communicator who has studied the Creation/Evolution controversy for over 35 years.  Randy brings his knowledge to bear in an entertaining, informative manner to teach profound scriptural principles and biblical insights.  Participants on the trip not only learn about important topics in the origins debate, but how to identify and deal with secular presuppositions and interpretations which are constantly presented within our culture.  Randy‚Äôs main concern is to help Christians to think biblically and recognize the authority and accuracy of Scripture.

Randy is also available for speaking engagements at your church or group.  
For information on talks available click here.
"Thanks so much for being a vessel of God's Truth and enlightening our family's minds and hearts with the beauty of Creation and God's Glory.  You are a great teacher."
                                                                                   - KK
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